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QuickBooks® Online Certified CPA with over 30 years’ experience offering a wide range of personalized quality services, which includes QuickBooks® Online software setup and training, tax preparation and planning, and mediation services to individual and business clients.   The firm specializes in assisting the small business startup entrepreneurs with their accounting and tax compliance needs. Services are provided on an individualized basis in an effective and affordable manner.



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Areas of Practice


Accounting services

Meaningful, well-organized financial records are the foundation of a successful business.  Using QuickBooks® software, we will assist you with the day-to-day tasks associated with best accounting practices.

Mediation Services

Effective divorce mediation facilitates forming meaningful agreements between two parties.  Mediation can be advantageous in coming to terms in divorce agreements with those who wish to preserve the relationship, be transparent, and engage in good faith.  Mediation can help you get through your divorce in less time, with less stress and at a lower cost than a lawyer-driven divorce.

Consulting Services

We offer a variety of consulting services; from choosing the form of entity of your business to ensuring the continued success of your business as you transition it to your successors.

tax services

Tax preparation, planning, and compliance consulting for individuals, small businesses and small trusts.